Help: Problems with the course Squirro Engineer Training & Certification

Hi everyone,

I am doing the Squirro Engineer Training & Certification course and I am having 2 problems.

Problem 1:
In lesson 2 Your Squirro Set-Up in task 5 The Squirro Dashboard, I cannot get any further. It says: “Complete the content above before moving on.”

My task is:

The mentioned interactive dashboard diagram is not interactive. I think that this is the problem here. I have already tried 3 internet browsers and it is the same everywhere (Edge, Chrome, Firefox).

Problem 2:
In lesson 3 when it comes to Binary data loading, I cannot load the data ( because I am denied access.

Can anyone help me with these problems?

Kind regards

Hi Tobias,

Thank you for reaching out. I shall check your course settings and reach out to you directly.

Best, Lauren

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