News! D is for Data Loading - New Training Content

News :newspaper:

Our Data Loading content has been updated and is accessible in the Squirro A-Z Catalogue in the Squirro Academy.

The Data Loading module provides a variety of practical opportunities and focuses on the following 3 learning objectives:

:dizzy: Understand what data is and the differences in datatypes
:dizzy: Understand the considerations that need to be made when using data
:dizzy: Learn how to load, index and visualise data in Squirro

Come check it out and become a data loading :star2:

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Have you also checked out our Data Loading Cheat Sheet - Go to the Academy and access the Data Loading Module to download the cheat sheet :partying_face:

This is a great way to learn quickly and to inform others about the versatility of the Squirro Pipeline Editor and Data Ingestion possibilities :dizzy:

Here is a sneak peek:

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