How I upload E-commerce data to Visualize on Dashboard without Title and Body

Hey, Can you guy guide me how to perform an outstanding Dashboard about E-commerce Data on Squirro, I tried my best but I can’t find out the way.

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Welcome @leharry08 :wave:

Hey @leharry08 welcome to the Squirro forum and thanks for your question!

For loading and indexing data into your project, I can recommend you see the the Squirro Engineer Training & Certification course in the Squirro Academy. In any case, mapping at least one of the title or body fields is mandatory.

For dashboard visualisations, I can recommend some good modules in either the Squirro Engineer Training & Certification course or the Squirro Front-End Developer Training & Certification course also in the Squirro Academy. This contains guides on how to quickly setup dashboards to visualise your data as well as more in-depth modules to work with data visualisation in Squirro.

I hope that’s helpful. Don’t hesitate to come back here to let us know how you get on with those or if you have any other questions!

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