Squirro Docs Redesign, Content Migration from the Wiki, and Recently Added Content

Hello all,

The Squirro Docs site has undergone some changes lately, and we wanted to share a few updates:

  • :squirro: The Squirro Docs redesign is now live, and over time we will be updating all existing content to align with the new styling. In the meantime, if you notice any bugs or content that doesn’t fit properly, please send me a message.

  • :truck: Over the next few weeks, all external-facing Confluence Wiki Documentation will be migrated to the Squirro Docs site. Existing Confluence Wiki pages will be updated to point to the Squirro Docs site, but don’t worry, if there’s any content you’re looking for that you feel was missed, we’ll have it archived!

  • :newspaper: If you missed it, new content added over the last couple of months includes the BEM Quick-Start Guide, Cognitive Search App Set Up Guide, many new React Custom Widget pages, Query Processing and Custom libNLP QP Step Search documentation, and the beginnings of the Machine Learning section on the Docs site.

If you think there’s a need for new or improved docs, please let me or Lauren know, and we’ll add it!