Squirro Release 3.5.0

The latest Squirro Release 3.5.0 is now generally available on our mirror.

In order to upgrade your existing Squirro installation or install a new version of Squirro, please head over to the Getting Squirro page for relevant instructions.

:exclamation: Highlights of this release includes multiple improvements to our search offering :mag_right: & activity tracking and many bug fixes :beetle:. A detailed listing has been provided, below:

Improvements :mechanical_arm:

  • [Activity Tracking] Log user interaction with dashboards per default (Configuration > Server: frontend.userapp.log_activity)
  • Forbid creating a new source and getting preview if user has no permissions to use a particular dataloader. Used to only allow server admins to use activity plugin.
  • Query-Processing [POS-Booster]: Allow to disable boosting of specific tokens by setting POS tag weight to “-”.
  • Make query-processing timeout configurable within project configuration (topic.search.query-workflow-timeout).
  • [Popular Query Suggestions] Set default scope to PROJECT (Setting: ‘project:topic.typeahead.popular.scope’). Feature is now enabled per default (Setting: ‘server:topic.typeahead.popular.enabled’).
  • Default Query Pipeline: Improve search precision for large documents by merging relevant chunks of terms into loose phrases. (input: will eu extend brexit deadline → output: eu extend “brexit deadline”~15 ). This makes sure that query terms match within the same section or paragraph. Configuration SpacyNormalizer.merge_noun_chunks:True
  • Adds the first implementation of the Question-Answering Widget and the ability to open an Item Detail from it.
  • Package and install baseline squirro-distilbert-base-uncased-distilled-squad model to enable open-domain question-answering for on-premise deployments.
  • In the ML Workflow plugin, the active query process is always shown without any hovering needed.
  • A new configuration Force OCR option was added to the PDF-OCR step, which executes OCR even if pre-existing text was found in the PDF.
  • URLs now represent the current state of the dashboard while respecting the applied filters.
  • Auto-refresh KEE configuration to maintain consistency between the updated communities and the KEE configuration.
  • Added emotion caching for salesforce integration fix and wrapper for all react components.
  • Application templates for Sales Insights & Cognitive search now also available as a separate download.
  • Handle user permissions in custom assets. It allows specifying user_permissions field in the asset config file that indicates what permissions user must have to retrieve the asset.
  • Squirro global assets requirements.txt will be reinstalled if changed after Squirro upgrade.
  • [New Items React Widget] Added config options to show/hide entities and matching queries
  • Make the pdf highlighting color more prominent.

Bug Fixes :beetle:

  • When no query is applied and global search is empty, in the explore page, the log activity fails
  • Fix a bug where Activity Plugin fetches data only from the latest activity file and skips older ones.
  • React Pie Chart widget is not respecting limit of facet values.
  • [ML-Workflows] Fixed the issue where the code editor doesn’t resize properly.
  • [Data Sources] Next button is not visible in the first step when adding/editing a new Data Source.
  • Allow user to re-authenticated himself in the Atlassian plugins.
  • Fix issue where a scheduled data source that was saved with the “Fetch data” option on, was not loading data immediately after save, but was waiting for its scheduled next run to come.
  • Ensure reference documents marked as unavailable, are not shown in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where list of files overlaps the Add/Open file menu in WidgetEdit
  • In a PDF, when focused on the search bar, left and right arrow shouldn’t bring you to another element
  • PopularQuery Suggestions: Parse and store queries with support of full Squirro-Query-Syntax. Typeahead-suggestions render original user-terms as provided during search time (including phrase queries with proximity rules) but hide potential long-tail of facet-filter-context.
  • Changed the maximum item body size in the item detail modal to 700px
  • Fixed incorrect opacity of icons in starred item cards and community headline items.
  • out-of-the box installation of nltk punkt and spacy models for on-premis installations
  • Fixed a bug that prevented React Communities List widget content to scroll.
  • Fixed timeline on explore screen not reacting to time selection dropdown change
  • [Search Highlighting] Correctly clean search-preview text. There was an edge case where the abstract contained merged tokens due to wrong new-line-character cleaning.
  • [New Items React Widget] Fixed bugs inside side panel related to react state
  • Fix error on navigation in Salesforce.
  • Fix an internal server error that could occur while loading the Data tab.
  • In fullscreen item detail, fix pdf toolbar when changing items with arrows
  • When editing an ML Workflow, the code editor is not resizing properly
  • Fixed a bug that was causing GT labeling rules to disappear after saving in edit mode.
  • Prevent the “Explain this page” modal from covering the documentation links
  • [CardsWidget] The hashtag overlaps the text of the tag
  • In ResultList, Cards and ItemDetail widgets, if ‘Empty image URL’ property is left blank it gives back an error
  • [Default Squirro-Monitoring-Project] Fix auto-configuration of Activity-Plugin 1-click connector in Monitoring Project (correctly map fields and facets from log entries).
  • In the document references view, only show translations or references at same time
  • Pipeline: Fix data sources tooltip position.
  • Fixed PDF not centered in item detail when zooming in and out
  • Fix pdf_sentence_tokenizer support for newer encrypted PDFs
  • In Visibility Condition Editor, the rule control buttons are not visible
  • Fixes an issue where phrase queries were not correctly persisted during activity logging. This fix introduces custom keyword facet processing that retains quotes from being stripped from query values.
  • The datasource log file will not contain sensitive information about data sources.
  • The actions wrapper in edit dashboard is partially hidden for react widgets
  • Remove storybook files from webpack build. At the moment they are imported because of dynamic imports we have in the code.
  • [ItemsWidget] Share button(CTA) was moved to the actions and PDF Download Action wasn’t working properly
  • Query-Processing [Syntax Parser]: Only enrich on natural-language user terms that are not part of Squirro-Query-Syntax
  • [Item Detail - Reference Documents] Zooming in causes the pdf toolbar to overflow
  • Fixed buttons styling issues inside dashboard editor visibility condition modal
  • Ensure Global Search is used for Significant Terms widget
  • The feedback item will now have link to the item inside the app.
  • Ensure item models are uncached when coming from different collections, so their properties are preserved
  • [Cards Widget - References] Widget offers translation viewing even if none available
  • unify item loader step for better optimization in multi ml workflow inference execution
  • Fix database connectivity issues in the configuration service.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented PDF search input from working and showing results side panel in some situations, for example, when matching queries are disabled in the results/cards widget config.
  • Don’t apply dashboard theme when editing another theme
  • Item detail endpoint no longer returns 404, when given highlight query not matching the document
  • [CardsWidget] The hashtag overlaps the text of the tag

Breaking Changes :wrench:

  • [ActivityTracking] /activity endpoint enforces now authorization
  • [Squirro-Query-Syntax]: Don’t treat lower-cased and,or,not as reserved tokens. User has to use upper-cased syntax to use them as boolean operators
  • Removed the –facet-delimiter parameter. This is not a breaking API change but will cause existing load.sh scripts to fail.
  • Removed “Calendar” widget. Existing dashboards containing this widget should be edited and the existing “Calendar” widgets deleted.

Installation and Upgrade :rocket:

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc
  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Setup on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult the Upgrades for Squirro 3.4.x and later guide.

To download the latest Squirro toolbox, the latest build of our lib/nlp library or the project templates of our applications (Cognitive Search, Sales Insights), please head over to the downloads space.