Squirro Release 3.5.7

The latest Squirro Release 3.5.7 is now generally available on our mirror. In order to upgrade your existing Squirro installation or install a new version of Squirro, please head over to the Getting Squirro page for relevant instructions.

This release includes a list of bug fixes fixes in preparation for our LTS release. The latest SquirroClient is also now available as usual on our PyPi mirror.

Features :top: :star_struck: :star2:

  • Add the server config option topic.pipeline-editor-timeout which controls the maximum number of seconds the resources of the Pipeline Editor will wait until receive a response from other services (e.g., plumber, machinelearning). The default value is 10 seconds.
  • Ability to create project walkthroughs for end users.
  • Add new option to Favorites Widget to allow navigation to the Global Search dashboard upon click.
  • The similar searches query is now available both in normal and global search.
  • [Smart Answer] Similar searches improvements – remove original query from results, added similarity threshold (default value: 0.6), filter out results that only consists of stop-words, allow finer control for topic-detection.
  • Items Widget: Show only keywords that can fit inside one row.
  • Implements advanced search.
  • [Search] Revert back to old query behavior to match all documents using standalone *.
  • Sentence label sort options. This depends on the digest scoring having run and assigned a score to the extracts. It is an opt-in feature available with the configuration option frontend.userapp.sentence-label-sorting.
  • Implement translation in Items Widget.
  • Entities will now hide if they are not contained inside the filtered text extract list. Entities will be sorted by name.

Bug Fixes :beetle: :bug: :beetle:

  • Fixes keywords not showing in the items widget.
  • Fix a bug where the bars of the Facet Bar Widget in stacked bar chart mode with percentage based stacking are not adding up to 100%.
  • Don’t close item detail view on concept search if the widget is not set to open links in a modal.
  • Hide advanced search dialog when navigating away.
  • Fix a bug where Stacked Bar Chart filters are inverted.
  • [Item Detail] PDF Display: Custom content page is not same width as pdf page.
  • Configuration option for “View All” on communities widget.
  • Adjust react widgets action bar color.
  • add entities popup options to items widget config page.
  • Fixed the wrong duplicate icon in react widgets actions.
  • Use new query util instead of search methods in Entities Widget.
  • Fix breadcrumb display of very large values.
  • Fix visual regressions around global search & nav bar.
  • Fixes items widget not working in global search.
  • Performance improvement: avoid project images being fetched on app load.
  • Fixes pdf side panel search in three column layout.
  • Limit concept search to the actual article text.
  • Display the “help” attribute of pipelet arguments.
  • Fixes styling issues with reference screens
  • Fix a bug where the community type ID was not being broadcasted to the communities widget in Relevant Communities mode.
  • fixed keywords in items overflowing row
  • Fix a bug where community 360 doesn’t load due to pending collections being fetched.
  • fixed additional bar positioning in compare pdf modal
  • Fixes multiple styling issues with reference pages on smaller screens
  • Result list is no longer fetching the labels.
  • Fix timeline widget not loading on productive deployments
  • Pixel perfect fixes on the entities side-panel. Fixes matching queries not working in the items widget.
  • Don’t show type-ahead after executing search.
  • Remove unused function in Advanced Search.
  • Improve display of item details.
  • Avoid creating empty breadcrumb chips on empty query.
  • Fixes reference item sidebar not hiding. Fixes staying issues with reference item when it is not pdf. Reference should now work inside items widget.
  • Fix similar searches not working with react search bar.
  • Fix concept search for Items widget.
  • Favorites widget: If set to global search mode then hide the checkboxes.
  • fixes entities not being filtered after the click.
  • Add missing dependencies to requirements for not working csv and excel plugins.
  • Fixes issues with entities loading inside 3 col items widget with pdf.
  • Fixes icons and text inside items widget being in the wrong color when inside global search. Fixed icons sizing in items widget.

Installation and Upgrade :rocket:

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc
  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Setup on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult the Upgrades for Squirro 3.5.x and later guide.

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