Squirro Release 3.7.2

Squirro Release 3.7.2 is now generally available on our mirror. In order to upgrade your existing Squirro installation or install a new version of Squirro, please head over to the Getting Squirro page for relevant instructions.

To download the latest Squirro toolbox, head over to the Downloads space.

Latest SquirroClient is also now available as usual on our PyPi mirror.


  • Improve candidate set button design in labeling view
  • Add Community Context to CommunityCard for custom widgets
  • Add info and rerun actions to pipeline steps in the non-edit mode.
  • Rerunning pipelines can now be scoped to query.
  • Implement Bulk Labeling
  • Add dashboard filters to query when saving favorite search
  • Allow vertical scaling of dashboard search widget
  • fixed issues with sidepanel not showing after changing the active item. Fixed sidepanel loading issues after changing the highlight mode.

Bug Fixes

  • When the query is applied from URL, then user cannot clear it with breadcrumbs widget
  • After global search reset Actions/Links widget action was still shown as active
  • Search query not being cleared when there was empty space at the beginning/end of the search query
  • When we look through communities, FE marks as “subscribed“ the communities it already has in a “box“. E.g. we have 100 subscribed communities. If we look at “following“ communities and we’re showed 30 subscribed communities, it means that FE will store only this data in the “box“. And only these communities will be marked as “subscribed“ when we’ll look through some community type list.
  • Fix community list empty image styling to be consistent with other widgets
  • [Search] Only perform top-N item rescoring when relevance sorting (desc) is used
  • Fix data fetching of underlying dashboard’s widgets, when making global search or navigating to community 360 dashboard
  • Community won’t marked as subscribed after successful subscription when user subscribed to more than 15 communities

Installation and Upgrade

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc
  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Setup on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult the Upgrades for Squirro 3.5.3 and later guide.

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