Squirro Release 3.6.2

The latest Squirro Release 3.6.2 is now generally available on our mirror. In order to upgrade your existing Squirro installation or install a new version of Squirro, please head over to the Getting Squirro page for relevant instructions. Latest SquirroClient is also now available as usual on our PyPi mirror.


  • Extend QA documentation by configuration section
  • [Search] Custom Document Relevancy Scoring using ScriptProfiles
  • [Breadcrumb Widget] Dont show default dashboard time selection as a breadcrumb
  • Expose hostname to Squirro SDK.
  • Create new widget group (Search), Reorganize widgets in groups
  • [Pipeline Workflows] Allow pipeline rerun in view mode
  • Expose QA configuration to specify for which query languages the answer should be searched for
  • Add NLP step that supports ML models in the ONNX format
  • Add query processing steps to the Squirro documentation
  • [Search] Scoring Profiles: Added popular-item boosting profile. This allows to use the overall item-popularity (amount of item.read events) as additional ranking signal. See Scoring Profile Documentation
  • Add reordering community types functionality
  • Support the maxRequests option of the forked FastCGI flup server. It can be defined in the max_requests config option in the server section of a service’s ini file, similar to min_spare and max_spare. It has an effect only when the fork config option is set to true.
  • Allow reordering community types in the setup space
  • Add reordering community types functionality
  • [Document Level Feeback] Implement feedback generation from any type of document
  • Avatar colors in items and engagement widget will now have color based on avatar text hash
  • Added API to fetch followers’ information from a community. It will be needed to display followers’ information in the Community 360 dashboard.
  • [Cards widget] Expose custom date format in Cards properties
  • Add reordering community types functionality
  • [libNLP] Documentation for steps in filter, loader, normalizer, projector and saver steps
  • Expose QA widget configuration to the configuration service
  • Implements QA and SimilarSearches widgets activity logs

Bug Fixes

  • Entities Sidepanel: Child entities will be unselected together with parent
  • Following communities are missing cursor pointer and totals.
  • Fixes a bug where community cards cause a session disconnect.
  • Fix missing link wrapper for custom logo
  • Fixed the documentation of modify_community in Squirro client
  • Entities chips widget will now show all entities instead of just 10
  • Fixes spellcheck not working with React GlobalSearch
  • Fixes not aligned star icon in items cards horizontal
  • Center chip text for entity popup
  • Fixes the query context being persisted, after clearing the filter of a dashboard
  • Change item sidepanel empty message for matching query tab
  • Make the SDK use the already existing server option.
  • Fix modification of processed value (it can be now False or True)
  • Fix matching queries sometimes not showing in the item detail of Items Widget
  • Fixes non-clickable keywords being wrongly highlighted
  • Entity Type which includes a space breaks the side panel in the explore screen
  • Adjust Tooltip styles in React and Backbone
  • Fix multiple query activity logs
  • Fixed side panel appearing momentarily when navigating between items using arrows,
  • Fix QA Detail not opening properly
  • Add community 360 navigation support to subscribed communities list.
  • Fix selection reset for multiple values in facets widget, Fix styles for horizontal dropdowns
  • Fix item detail highlighting when there is a dashboard query applied.
  • Fix aggregation reset after facet change
  • [Reset widget, list mode] Make reset all filters button blue
  • Widget Browser shows all widgets under Items category when opened twice in a row

Breaking Changes

  • [libNLP] removal of the aggregation normalizer step + util funktionality for reservoir sampling

Installation and Upgrade

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc
  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Setup on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult the Upgrades for Squirro 3.5.3 and later guide.

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