Removing Individual Countries from Communities


I have a newsreader that uses countries tagged in the document for a Squirro News Reader. For my use case, I only want to focus on specific countries and therefore want to remove the other countries. I keep running into an issue where once I delete the countries that I am not interested in from SETUP → Data → Communities list, they continue to resurface.

I have not tried to re-import the communities or anything by clicking the Import button, but for some reason all of the prior countries seem to resurface. This time when they are reloaded, they have a “minion” icon, presumably because flag image data has been deleted. Does anyone know if this is a bug, or there is just something I am missing in order to be able to delete specific communities?


Manu Mulaveesala
Solutions Engineer,
Squirro Americas

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This is due to the auto-synchronisation feature, which is enabled by default. The background job updates the community type to have all the latest communities. We can disable this to prevent the deleted communities from reappearing :slight_smile:

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hi @rishu what’s the configuration to disable this? thanks!

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Hi @chiara, the configuration to disable it is present in etc/squirro/topic.ini. However, once the sync is enabled, the only way to disable it is to delete the scheduled sync task in the scheduler. You could also disable the sync, reload the topic service, and then recreate the communities if that is simpler.


Documentation reference: Managing Communities — Squirro Developer Documentation 3.2.0 documentation

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