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In the Known Entity Extraction - KEE Studio Plugin there is an option “Enable community loader”.


What does this option do? I could not find this to be part of the new documentation on:


Hi Moritz,

The KEE documentation will be updated soon regarding the communities options:

Enable community loader

Only applies Community Type KEE.

The community loader is enabled for Community Type KEEs created through the set up of a community type. The data for the lookup database will we taken and updated from the community type. Submitting a data file is not required for the Community Type KEE.

Community Type

Only applies Community Type KEE.

Name of the community type to which the Community Type KEE is linked. This is preset for Community Type KEEs.



hey claudio, thank you for your answer.
I do not fully follow this yet. What happens if I upload a mapping file here and then click on “enable community loader”? Does it create communities then?

Or is this only to show that an existing KEE originates from a community?

Hi Moritz,

New communities are only created if you assign a keyword in your KEE setup that is mapped to an existing community type (independent of the above mentioned options).

For example if you had setup a community type that uses a keyword called company_name and in your KEE configuration under Keywords to assign you also specify company_name the auto-synchronization of communities will pick up all items tagged with company_name and map any (new) company name to the community type.

A documentation on this is currently put together and will be released soon. Will keep you posted.


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