Do you know what Squirro can do? - PDF CONVERSION - Enrichment

:star_struck: :page_facing_up:Squirro has a PDF Conversion Step and this converts office suite documents :page_facing_up: (such as: Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents) to PDF documents.

The PDF Conversion step is able to convert non-plain text file formats to PDF format. :star_struck:

Documents from popular office suites, such as Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or Google Docs, can be used as input and get converted into PDFs.

Pipeline Preset

The PDF Conversion step belongs to the Enrich section, and it is part of the Binary Documents pipeline preset.

When the PDF Conversion step is used in conjunction with the Content Augmentation and Content Extraction steps, the Pipeline Editor automatically sets its position before those two steps. This happens in order to enable further enrichments of the item to act on the obtained PDF representation, which will result in better processing and display of the item on the Squirro UI.

A PowerPoint displayed on Squirro UI with search highlighting. This item was ingested using a Binary Documents pipeline workflow.

:thought_balloon: :woman_technologist: For more information on the PDF Conversion Step - check here:


The PDF Conversion pipeline step does not have any configuration options.

However, it is important to note a related configuration option; the pdfconversion.pdf-cache-ttl. This option is visible and can be configured only by server admins.

This option controls the number of seconds that the generated PDF remains in the pdf_conversion cache. By default, this is set to 1 day. Every time that an item with a PDF representation is accessed, its TTL is refreshed. If its TTL gets expired without the item being accessed by anyone, it is removed from the cache. The next time that it will be requested, its PDF representation will be generated again and will be displayed as such on the Squirro UI. This is transparent to the end user.

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