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Can I log output (for debugging purposes) in a Squirro Script?

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Hey @Claudio thank you for question and pleased to hear you’re working with Squirro Script!

The Squirro Plugin Repository has some fantastic extensions to Squirro, such as the ready-made Squirro Script pipelet you’re using and other such ready-made data loader plugins too.

To log your output you can select the Log debug output option in the pipeline editor in the UI after you’ve written your custom Squirro Script (as shown below).

Log debug output

On your server, the output from the Squirro Script pipelet is logged to the plumber.log file which can be checked in a terminal like this:

tail -f /var/log/squirro/plumber/plumber.log

If, however, you wish to use a logging dependency, you will need to write your own custom pipelet to use the full power of Python instead.

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Thanks Amin for the detailed answer.
I will use a custom pipelet in this case :grinning:

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