Deleting/modifying pipelets

How can I modify, or otherwise delete/remove, pipelets, either from the frontend or through CLI?


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We have great new content on the academy about Pipelets that includes, how to guides, videos and integrated technical documentation. Have you check the module out yet?
You will also find integrated answers to many questions e.g. Troubleshooting & FAQ — Squirro Developer Documentation 3.2.0 documentation

Below, you will find an insight into some of the things covered in one of our video tutorials in the Pipelets module.

Jump over to the Squirro A-Z catalogue and access it straight away

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Hey @daren.sin thanks for bringing this to the forum! You can delete/remove pipelets via the UI by clicking on the Squirro Spaces icon in the top right hand corner of your screen and click through to the Server Space.

On the left hand side menu in this view, select ‘Manage Plugins’. You will then see a list of Pipelets available on your server which you’re then able to remove by hovering over the Pipelet you’re no longer interested in and clicking ‘Remove’.

Currently is no method to remove pipelets using Squirro’s CLI, however, you are able to do this through the Squirro Client by calling the delete_asset() method.

It is important to note that this functionality is available to users with admin role only :+1: