Redefining AI - Episode Three Out Now - An Enterprise Knowledge View of Knowledge Management


An Enterprise Knowledge View of Knowledge Management is a conversation that invites us to explore the world of knowledge management through the eyes of Enterprise Knowledge.

Enterprise Knowledge is a successful services firm that integrates Knowledge Management, Information Management, Information Technology, and Agile Approaches to deliver comprehensive solutions; it is also a trusted partner of Squirro.

Zachary Wahl the CEO of Enterprise Knowledge takes the opportunity to share his wealth of experience with Lauren Hawker Zafer as they explore the facets and five elements of knowledge management through different threads. Lauren and Zachary talk about what knowledge management is, what the concept of knowledge management covers and how an organisation can take successful steps to create a connected and mature knowledge management state.

They look at what the right organisational approach to knowledge management is, and outline the importance of translating knowledge management outcomes into business outcomes to maximise return of investment; as well as, the place that technology is in, and how it can realistically support the mapping of an organisation’s knowledge.

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