Redefining AI - Episode 15 - Ethical Practices in Use - Responsible Disruptive Technologies

In this episode: Lauren Hawker Zafer is joined by Rasmus Hauch the CTO of 2021.AI

Who Can Benefit From This Conversation?
This conversation is for all listeners who are interested in understanding what boundaries need to be shifted in a trustworthy AI context in both the private and public sector. You will learn what tools and datasets are necessary when building models for production in machine learning projects and where maintenance and retraining is of essence. In addition, you will learn about how 2021.AI help with the ML OPs cycle in corporations and what processes need to be implemented to ensure that an organisation can confirm that models in production and new models being built are ethical.

Who is Rasmus?
Rasmus is the Chief Technology Officer at 2021.AI, an experienced technical leader and self-proclaimed geek with business drive. He is passionate about achieving business objectives and creating a better world using new technologies like AI, ML and IoT. He is skilled in relationship management and takes pride in people-development and company building. He has worked as a Program Manager, Project Manager, Product and Services Sales, Technical Sales, Product Manager, Product Owner, CTO, People Manager, DPO, Chief/Lead Architect, Senior Consultant and Software Engineer for various international Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharma, Life Science, Industrial, Supply Chain, Energy and Telecom customers.

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