Redefining AI - Episode Four - The Promising Paths of AI and Data

Ever heard the expression “AI is The New Electricity" ?:zap:

In our latest #podcast episode on “The Promising Paths of AI and Data” you are invited to unearth what lies ahead for #AI and #Data. Thank you Ryan Keenan for sharing your thoughts with us about code, data, and technical literacies.

:dart: Ryan Keenan, Director of Product at DeepLearning.AI, shares his experience with The Squirro Academy as they explore his prognosis about the need for AI and Data Literacy.

:bust_in_silhouette: An astrophysicist by training, Ryan Keenan, leads the product team at DeepLearning.AI working with Andrew Ng and a team of passionate educators and AI experts. Originally from Minnesota, he studied physics and astronomy in Colorado and Wisconsin, did several years of postdoctoral work in Chile and Taiwan, and finally left academia in 2015 to start a career in online education.

:headphones: Listen to this episode, part of the Redefining AI Podcast, powered by The Squirro Academy and hosted by Lauren Hawker Zafer.

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