Have you listened to our new podcast series on Spotify? Redefining AI

Redefining AI is a podcast hosted by the Squirro Academy.

The podcast focuses on key narratives and discussions that drive digital innovation and help people understand Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Search, Insight Engines and the Insights Era.

As a Gartner listed Visionary, Squirro is a pivotal player in the field of emerging technology - bringing purpose to all data.

Listen on: Redefining AI | Podcast on Spotify


Yes I have started to listen to the podcast! I very much like the podcast format actually while I walk my dog and do house chores etc. Thank you for opening this outlet to talk more about AI. Looking forward to more of the guest speakers and what you all have to offer.

Will this podcast only be populated on Spotify or other popular podcast channels such as itunes, where a lot of people have plugins connected to various podcast apps?

Also itunes has a good review system as well that can help make it available to a wider market. I love spotify availability personally and use that for my own uses.

Thanks again,


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Welcome @manutej and thanks for your feedback and contribution! We aim to have it out on iTunes soon, so look out for that announcement in our announcements category :mega:

We are really happy that you like it though and would love to hear if you, too, have any topics that you would like featured?! :question:

You know, I think one of the things I would really like to see is a deep dive on Augmented Intelligence, because working in AI previously I had always felt that AI was currently inferior to IA (intelligence amplification) which is also like Augmented Intelligence. I think a broader conversation about Augmented Intelligence and why human sensibility, creativity, and intuition are at the heart of augmented intelligence would also align very well with the topic of “Redefining AI.”

In that sense, I feel that speaking about the uniquely human capacities that are at the core of a technology (or squirro implied) on top of which we add AI/Machine learning is a very important to express.

This requires us to really see what is the current state of AI and ML, and why it is still limited without human intervention, and why human capacities are at the core of driving the next generation of AI-based technologies rather than AI technology as a self-driven system driving itself towards the AI singularity (how it is typically thought about). I hope that is clear.


I think that this is a very attentive observation and I am sure that we can make space for it on the podcast!

I listened to Moritz’s podcast. It was really good.

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Glad to hear that you enjoyed it @doris.holtzhausen. Episode 3 is out now and we have a couple more exciting episodes coming out this month, too!

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