How can I re-run a pipelet?

When I add a new pipeline step, I know I need to essentially re-index and run everything, or rerun the enrichments.

Here is the command to do so:

Bash command to run this for all documents using query ‘*’. You can replace with this with another query using standard query syntax.

pipelet rerun --cluster CLUSTER --token TOKEN --project-id PROJECT --query '*'

Reference Documentation for rerunning a pipelet:

Rerunning a pipelet:


Hey Manu,

You can also re-run pipelets or any other pipeline step directly from the pipeline editor in the UI:



Thanks Claudio for sharing that. I have seen that. One of the things that is not nice about the command line is that you can run it with those flags like query, project ID, so it is easy to replicate across projects or to zoom in on specific sources. Are there other instances where you would recommend using the CLI over the UI form in your experience?

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If your pipelet alters the body or title of an item, the re-run from the pipeline allows to apply such changes on already indexed items. This is possible because you can also check the option to run the linked Indexing step.

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