Exception in RSS feed dataloader plugin

Hi, I encountered this exception with my RSS feed dataloader plugin. I supposed feed_plugin should be in the _global folder, but it is going to squirro-0 instead. I created this data source using the RSS feed dataloader plugin on the frontend.

Thank you!


Hi Daren,

The problem often shows up when we have long running SQL queries in our topicproxy service. We have since identified the issue and fixed it. This fix will be released in the Squirro release 3.5.3.

In the meantime, you can increase the pool_size parameter from the default setting of 50 to 100, under the topicproxy section in /etc/squirro/topicproxy.ini file and restart the topicproxy service using systemctl restart sqtopicproxyd.

I hope that helps.


Welcome @saurabh :dizzy: