Getting error after clicking next to see Map to item fields tab with Custom JSON data loader

Hi all, I created and tested a custom JSON data loader with CLI and everything works well. I uploaded the loader to test in UI but I get an error in the browsers preview request’s response. I checked my mappings.json file and other settings. but everything look well. Is there any log file to check errors for this situation?

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Through the Top Right dropdown Menu, under Server,

you can find the logs when clicking on Log Files in the left panel.

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I encountered this same issue.
“In the tutorial, as well as the samples and templates on the Squirro Github page: batch_size and self.args.source_batch_size are used separately even though they are the same. self.args.load_batch_size is what should be used instead of batch_size in getDataBatch. Except, this argument seems to be broken as a 404 is raised when the loader attempts to pull the schema or sample data.”

In the end I used (and clamped) batch_size. The tutorials/samples need to be updated to better explain and use these args.

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Thank you for flagging this Jonathan - we will look at the samples and updated them where required. :rocket: