Episode Six - Redefining AI - The Democratization of Machine Learning

The Democratization of Machine Learning is an authentically inspiring conversation that invites us to explore the avenues of Hugging Face’s crusade to democratize Machine Learning.

In this episode, Lauren invites Julien Simon: the Chief Evangelist at Hugging Face to talk about the efforts that are going in to motioning more collaboration and openness, in a field that is still exposed to increasing risks of unaccountability, monopoly & power concentration.

The conversation focuses on the intrinsics of Machine Learning, the social responsibilities that lie with the attempt to democratize it, as well as the sociological consequences of the widespread use of e.g. AI language models, and how that will affect language, and crucially, meaning making, in the future.

Julien is the Chief Evangelist at Hugging Face - the AI community that is on a mission to democratize good machine learning, one commitment at a time.

Prior to his engagement at Hugging Face, Julien spent 6 years at Amazon Web Services as the Global Technical Evangelist for AI & Machine Learning and served as CTO/VP Engineering in large-scale startups for 10 years. In this particular role, he led large Software and Ops teams in charge of thousands of servers worldwide.

If you are interested in building your own machine learning model to publish on Hugging Face, head over to Squirro’s No Code AI Model Creator Course to build your own machine learning model.

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