What is Trust in AI? Trustworthy AI - Lesson of a Chief Data Officer (Episode 13 Redefining AI)

In this episode: What is Trust in AI? Trustworthy AI – Lessons of a Chief Data Officer Lauren Hawker Zafer is joined by her colleague Dr. Moritz Müller to host a one off conversation with Shameek Kundu, the Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Financial Services at Truera Inc.

Moritz and Lauren talk to Shameek about what trust in AI actually means. The whole conversation opens our eyes to the opportunities that data leaders can create and invites us to explore the candid successes and failures of a Chief Data Officer. As well as fore fronting the importance of building trust around AI and recognising the actual maturity level of data management, Shameek encourages us to think about going big when it comes to AI implementation.

Shameek himself has spent most of his career in driving responsible adoption of data analytics/ AI in the financial services industry. He is a member of the Bank of England’s AI Public-PrivateForum, the OECD Global Partnership on AI, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore-led Veritas initiative on Fairness, Ethics, Accountability and Transparency in AI.

Most recently, Shameek was Group Chief Data Officer at Standard Chartered Bank, where he helped the bank explore and adopt AI in multiple areas (e.g., credit, financial crime compliance, customer analytics, surveillance), and shaped the bank’s internal approach to responsible AI.

Prior to joining Standard Chartered in 2009, Shameek was an Associate Partner at McKinsey in London.

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