Squirro 3.4.7 LTS Release

The latest LTS Squirro Release 3.4.7 is now generally available on our mirror. In order to upgrade your existing Squirro installation or install a new version of Squirro, please head over to the Getting Squirro page for relevant instructions.

Highlights of this release include:

Activity Tracking

  • Automatically created Squirro Monitoring project
  • Track logins, dashboard interactions, queries

Popular Query Suggestions

  • Suggest previously used queries to the user
  • Requires activity tracking

Query Processing Pipeline

  • Improve search experience by providing better results
  • Pre-configured query processing (ML workflow)

Pipeline/Step Rerunning

  • Rerun individual pipeline steps in pipeline editor

Multi Label Proximity Filter

  • AI Studio supports proximity filters with multiple labels

Item Detail View

  • Redesigned
  • PDF in-document search

Reference Screen

  • Split-screen view of two documents
  • Quickly see information about entity in a reference document


For more details, please head over to our official Release Notes.

To download the latest Squirro toolbox, head over to the downloads space.

Latest SquirroClient is also now available as usual on our PyPi mirror.