Search Special - Technical Office Hour - 20th December

We want to invite you to be part of our Search Special :mag:- Technical Office Hour December :santa:, a festive opportunity to come with any questions and technical queries that you may have about Search and all things Search: Cognitive Search, Enterprise Search, Search Technologies, Search Tuning, Search Features, Powerful Search, AI in Search, Search Enhancement, Data in Search…

The Squirro Academy’s Search Special - Technical Office Hour December will take place on the 20th of December and is available for free, face to face video conferencing support and expert technical input :brain:.

The hour will be supported by our Search Team Lead - Christian Hofer who will answer any of your technical questions and point you to further support and learning resources.

Are you interested? Come join us and your Squirro technical community.

Register here for the December Technical Search Special :star_struck: