Running Squirro in Azure

Does Squirro have a recommendation/best practice for running in Azure? Is it best to set up a VM and install on it?


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Hi Chris,

Currently using instances is the way to go. We have plans to support container in the future, but no exact ETA just yet.

Exact design depends on your needs though.

For a simple 1 node deployment, you can just fire up an instance and follow the installation instructions like on any other server.

Another consideration is to use the managed services. You can use the managed MySQL server of Azure to host the Squirro database, and you can use their managed Redis service to host our Key value store and Caching databases. You can also leverage their network filesystem service to not keep files on the instance.

This will come at extra cost of course, but is a requirement if you want to run Squirro in a High Availability setup.

We are working on a Ansible based installer that also supports Azure. This will simplify all of this.
If it is of interest, please let me know and I will share a early copy with you.


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Hi @tonibirrer … Sorry for the delay, this is helpful info, thanks very much. I’d appreciate any material that you can share. We’re currently in the planning stages (@conor.leddy knows the client).


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Hey @cmarino, perhaps the How Squirro Scales documentation could support your planning. Also, we have some documentation on using managed/remote dependencies when deploying Squirro to MS Azure.


Thanks Amin! I’ll have a look at those!!